ZZ Tuel - The Master RSS Website Blaster 

ZZ Tuel is a brand new industrial strength content creation and website managment program that generates webpages with high quality niche market website built from RSS pheeds, created so you will never have to install another php or any other kind of script to have fresh and ever-updating RSS content on your sites.

No Installing Scripts. Ever.
ZZ Tuel Makes  Tons of Real Websites Nice and Easy.

Automatically Maintains and Updates Tons of Web Pages
ZZ Tuel is the supreme content creation and managment system available today. Cutting-edge engineering allows you to create interesting and useful sites about scores of interesting niches and topics, all with just a few clicks of a mouse.

ZZ Tuel Empowers You With These Exclusive Benefits:

Runs on your Windows desktop so you will never have to install a single script ever again to have pages updated with ever-fresh RSS pheeds.

Advanced but easy to use template system allows for extreme SEO on a page by page basis, an unheard of strategy until now.

Five Intense Linking Strategies Built In to increase your pages spiderability and relevancy for SEO. Use one or use them all with just a couple of clicks. Say "goodbye" to those old-fashioned site maps forever.

You will enjoy pages that are both fast and fresh. ZZ Tuel creates super-fast static pages that update on schedules you define, so you get FAST and FRESH pages time and time again.

Hassle Free Multi-Domain Management System - Manage all your domains from a one easy to use Desktop Command Center. This means you don't need to log into billions and billions of web "admins" for each and every domain you own.

Saves BIG money by exploiting cheap and free web hosting. Since ZZ Tuel runs on your desktop, you don't need perl, php or other premium services allowing you to spend your savings on more domains names and more hosting, so you ZZ Tuel can create and manage even more sites.

Apply Extreme SEO to Each and Every Page
ZZ Tuel empowers you to perform strategic SEO on a page by page basis. The other guys allow basic SEO and only on a "program wide" basis, which means all your keywords are used exactly the same way on every single page you create.

With ZZ Tuel, if you want to have one page that repeats your keywords twice, use meta tags in five pages but have 20 others without metas, you will have complete control.

You can apply SEO on a massive scale, or you can open each and every page and do pin-point SEO "by hand".

Adds RSS News and Updates to Your Existing Pages
Do you already have content or your own original articles? Use your existing pages as "templates", letting ZZ Tuel add relevant news and updates to your pages. By exploiting ZZ Tuel you don't have to install any scripts or slow down your server to get pages that update.

Saves Valuable Time and Energy
ZZ Tuel uses your Windows PC to create the webpages, so there's no scripts to install, ever.

Even the easiet scripts such as those written in PHP, take time to install. [Image]If you plan on having multiple domains not having to install scripts on every single one can be a real time-saver.

Instead of installing scripts, use that time to create a new brand new ZZ Tuel project that will self-maintain pages "from here to eternity".

Personalize Your Pages with Almost Any Web Design
The versatile template system allows you to use just about any web design or
[Image]template you want, with respect to layout.

For example, you can't put 10,000 RSS pheeds in a tiny navigation table and expect it to look good. But any template you will have that allows enough space for the content will be perfect.  

Exclusive Hassle Reduction System Built-In
Do you have multiple domains to manage, each with different passwords and log in info? Don't worry about it every again.

You will be free of the Log In Twilight Zone forever by giving you your very own [Image]personal command center on your own PC, ending the need to log into multiple admin pages used by php and other scripts. Just enter your info for each project once and never worry about "logging in" again.

Saves You Big Money on Hosting
Because all the work is done by YOUR Windows PC, you can host your ZZ Tuel page just about anywhere, exploiting all the cheap, free and budget webhosting you can find.

If you're into niche marketing using a variety of domains, the ability to use budget hosting can pay for itself over and over.

Intense Cross-Linking Strategies With A Single Mouse Click
Includes four easy to implement cross-linking strategies. These single-click, one of a kind strategies, give your newly created pages instant and potent cross-linking from your exisiting pages. And you can use one or all in combinations with each other, to give an amazing variety of cross-linking options.

ZZ Tuel Basic Concept
Step One: Add Rss Pheeds to The Newz Tuel
Research and add some RSS pheeds into the included custom RSS reader called
The Newz Tuel. The Newz Tuel is our own custom RSS aggregator programed by us to be used with ZZ Tuel.

Step Two: Make Templates
Create template pages using any method you wish, just insert simple tags where you want ZZ to insert your Rss content.

You have the power and control to create templates by hand, use your existing pages, or use page generation software .

You can create as many template files as you want and your templates can be designed any way you want.

This means if you have 100 templates, ZZ Tuel will create, update and maintain 100 pages. And it means you can vary the layout and do custom and unique SEO on each and every page.

Step Three
Set a schedule - You will chose Daily, Weekly or select dates each month. And just like clockwork, when the time arrives, ZZ Tuel will make another copy of your template pages, adding the appropriate content where ever it finds tags on your template pages.

Since RSS news pheeds tend to update frequently, you can have the ZZ Tuel scheduler run so that it modifies your pages with the newest information.

Step Four (Optional)
Configure the Auto Upload Feature - If you want ZZ Tuel to automatically update your webpages by uploading them to your website, enter your FTP info here. If selected, after updating your pages ZZ Tuel will automatically FTP to your sites and upload the updated pages.

Ingenious Template System Allows Total Flexibility
Because you can use html, asp, php or cgi pages pages, anything you can add to a "web page", such as javascript, php or SSI tags can all be used in your templates.

One of a Kind and Versatile Tag System
With our easy to use tag system, you will have supreme control over how to apply content to [Image]your pages. Simply insert a special tag telling ZZ Tuel where to insert the content, and sit back while ZZ Tuel becomes your fully automated webmaster.

Potential to Attract Search Engine Spiders More Often
Indications are that the pages that are updated and change may be visited more often by search engines spiders. And time is money. Having your pages spidered more often means you can get your new pages into the engines faster, time after time. (Your results may vary).

Runs Just Like Clockwork
Extremely versatile scheduler allows you to dictate when ZZ Tuel will run for each project. Chose the time of day, as well as daily or weekly, or even select multiple dates and ZZ Tuel will run the project on those days every month.

Fast Loading Means More Pages in the Search Engines
Did you consider that search engines probably have a time limit that restricts how long they will visit each page? Do you think they've got all day?

Because ZZ Tuel makes static html pages they load super fast. And the odds are, the FASTER your pages are, the FASTER the engines can index your pages. And we already know the FASTER pages load, the more likely your visitors will stick around to see them.

Think about it, if your pages take five seconds to load and your competition's take 20 seconds, your pages can be spidered four times faster. This is the indisputable math.

Your Web Host Will Love You
ZZ Tuel pages are extememly easy on server resources, since the pages don't have to update every time.

Enjoy Total Control Over Look and Feel of Your Content
Of course you have control over your webpage templates, but you also are in command of how your RSS content and your linking strategies look on all your pages.

All four linking strategies, as well as the RSS content, individually have their own templates to give you control over the look and feel of each feature.

Fully Compatible with The Bombs from DomBom.com
While ZZ Tuel can produce static pages, it can also use the dynamic nature of all your favorite DomBom tags and builds on the Bomber strategies. And, it's programed to thoroughly and totally exploit web based/RSS flavored Bombs.

For example, use the RSS mode from Bo Scrivener's Buy It Bomb for merchant pheeds. Then use ZZ Tuel to create an ever-updating online catalog of products that not only attract search engine traffic, but have revenue streams as well.

You can even use PHP and ASP pages as "templates", using ZZ to add and update static html to your dynamically driven web pages. Super powerful!

Auto Upload Feature
Set it to "On" for an given project and ZZ Tuel will upload the most recent updates [Image]automatically to your websites.

Or set it to "Off" and ZZ Tuel will make your pages but won't upload them, so you can make any modifications you want before they are uploaded to your websites.

Makes RSS Pheeds Fast
RSS pheeds provide terrific content and are great to use as sustance for html pages.

But the big draw back is how S-L-O-W pheeds can be. The ZZ Tuel system eliminates our pages from being slow due to RSS resources "hanging". Your PC checks the RSS pheeds, not your website.

This is a major break-through in dynamic content strategy.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Fast and Fresh
Sure, RSS content changes, but not every minute. You don't need to have totally dynamic pages to have content that updates and stays "minty fresh". It isn't like the engines check your apge every 5 seconds, looking for updates.

Also, many RSS resources are notoriously slow, hanging and hanging, delaying your pages from loading [Image]quickly and smoothly.

ZZ Tuel is the perfect solution...If an RSS pheed isn't responding, The Newz Tuel will keep trying to contact the pheed, not your website. This is a very important distinction, allowing your web pages to be fast and reachable and elimate loss of proft due to slow responding RSS pheeds.

Totally Tuelz Friendly
Use the Webmaster Power Tuelz (not included) to make managing and maintaining sites with thousands of pages a breeze. Managing mulitple domains with lots of pages on each takes special techniques and strategies.

Since ZZ Tuel's pages are created on your hard drive, you can use other tuelz to tweak and optimize your pages with complete control. For example, use Keymapz to create links to pages containing similar content. Or use Pagez to create massive amounts or template pages to use in ZZ Tuel

Awesome Archive Feature Builds Pages While You Sleep
Do you have a niche about topics that update frequently? With ZZ, you can save the day's news, creating an ever-growing and expanding website full of content covering the historical record of a subject.

Plus, the built-in linking strategies ensure all your new pages automatically have links added to your OLDER/EXISTING pages, using super-intelligent search engine friendly strategies.

ZZ Tuel is Robo-Webmaster!
ZZ Tuel is an automatic webmaster in a box...

It creates and updates pages, maintains multiple linking strategies, uploads and FTP's, and even acts as the ultimate back-up system for all your ZZ Tuel projects helping to avoid disasster.

And it does all this automatically on schedule, without you ever having to install another php or perl script ever again.

Required: Before you buy ZZ Tuel please download and use these free TUELZ programs to test Tuelz on your Windows system.

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  • Download The Newz Tuel for FREE
  • Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP
  • Internet Explorer 6 or Better
  • Internet Connection, Full-Time connection such as DSL or cable recommended, although can function without full-time connection.
  • Ability/understanding of FTP, including log in info to your website(s).
  • Comfortable working with html. You will need to be able to insert special tags into your pages and templates that tell ZZ Tuel "what, where and how much" you want to be inserted into your pages.
  • Ability to find and use RSS pheeds

Required: Before you buy ZZ Tuel please download and use these free TUELZ programs to test Tuelz on your Windows system.

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