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 I'm sure you've heard of link exchanges...But here's something that is infinitely better...Introducing the Host Exchange Club.

Do you have your own server or reseller account and want to leverage it in a way that you can increase it's marketing power 1000% - 2000% or more...

* Avoid having 10-20 domains all on the same IP address, using the same name servers, etc. when you can simply trade your extra resources and have your sites hosted on totally "unrelated" servers, which can greatly enhance your changes for better SE traffic.

* When you trade hosting services you have total control over the entire contents of the pages on your "exchange sites" to maximize relevancy.

* When the site is yours, you are in control of anchor text, not the guy/gal you exchanged links with.

* Enhances link trades - Makes your link exchange campaigns better and more efficient. If you have a variety of sites across a varied network of IPs, you can make multiple trades at one time. You also have much more leverage to barter for high quality links by being able to supply links from 10-20 (or more) IP addresses.

* Don't put all your eggs in the same basket. Use The Host Exchange Club as a back up to mirror your essential web sites.

* Did you know that in you domain name registrar (NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc), you can enter 4 or more "name servers". This means you can make a copy of your important site and upload that copy to an exchange site, and if your main host is ever down, everyone will be redirected to your "exchange" copy automatically, so your business is never down.

* Even if you don't want to have a copy of your site on someone else's server for security reasons, you can still use the same technique, only have a contact page on your secondary site, explaining that your server is down and here's how to get ahold of you...

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Save Thousands of Dollars!!!

If you wanted to recreate you own similar IP network of 15 IP addresses, it would cost you:

15 x $8 (per month) x 12 (months/year) = $1440 a year, and that doesn't include all the extra time you'll need to spend finding 15 different hosts.

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The Hosting Exchange Club, and By Kurt Melvin